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Asoke Chakravarty

Asoke Chakravarty (b. 1939), BOIMELA-UTSAV Award winner, is a poet, writer, artist, playwright, musician and humanist. His written work appears in 14 publications and has been translated to Spanish, French, German, Turkish and other languages. He contributes to over 50 leading International magazines and anthologies and has exhibited at 19 solo art shows across 3 continents. He is the founder-director of Krittibas Literary Group of Toronto and was the former President of The International Festival of Poetry of Resistance in Toronto. His collection of poems Vaater thaalaai eto kaantaajhop was nominated for the Sahitya AkademiAward, New Delhi.www.asokecreations.blogspot.com

:  asokechakra@hotmail.com
:  http://asokecreations.blogspot.in
:  http://asokecreations.blogspot.in